Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I can't do it.

I've been reading a lot. Namely, I've read a lot of website blurbs written by people with a business in my same topics (online communication, facilitation, volunteer management, CoP implementation, knowledge management and the like). All I was able to extract out of it were two, three, four pages of "content" that wouldn't deliver one single clear concept.

That is especially true for Italian sites and "trainese", bogged down with statements like "proposte innovative per percorsi formativi che stimolino la spontanea espressione dei saperi" that, in English, would translate as "innovative proposals for forming pathways that would stimulate the spontaneous expression of knowledge".

You name it. The only possible reaction to the above statement is WHAT IN THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

Hence the conclusion: I can't do it. I seriously need a content management provider. And after having put all my stuff in the wise hands of him/her, I need not to read the results of the translation in trainese or else I'll puke. I don't understand why people hide their ideas behind smokescreens, mirrors, petty words, embellishments, distortions. Just say what you mean and mean what you say. Is it that hard? What's the fun of talking a person into buying something s/he doesn't understand, need, want, agree with? Which satisfaction can a professional get out of making money in situations like those above?

Somebody calls it honesty, somebody else calls it Asperger traits. I don't really care which one is the best fit. I've always been this way, since when I can remember. And I still think that not only one should always be as honest and concise as possible with the client, but also that somewhere on the planet there are guys that are willing to pay you nicely as long as you don't try to sell them some total bs.

In these times where charlatans have monopolized holistic medicine, biologists and engineers have taken over traditional medicine, complexity is used as a pass' par tout to mean "nonsense", sincretism is applauded as a symptom of open-mindness, quantum physics is used to justify irrational beliefs and subjectivism is venerated like God the Almighty, I might very well be dead wrong.

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