Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dutch Soccer and CoPs

In Dutch "total soccer" players follow their natural role but *stretch* it
to serve the community (team) and the one having the ball (say, speaking at
a given moment, or having fame etc) has to be willing to pass the ball to
the one in a better position. Plus, when a player is wrong, he better learn
from it or next time the coach kicks him out of the team. Which btw that's
how I see moderation/facilitation in CoPs.

If we espouse the "everything goes" theory we play like Brasil: virtuous
soccer, 85 minutes of *sleep*, 5 minutes of action and no fun on the
observer (lurker) side, a bunch of primadonna worried about them, the, them.

If the lurker doesn't read and enjoy what he reads, something in the "CoP"
is wrong (Miguel?). That's also why inviting people to skip messages is
deleterious (for a CoP).

Mumble mumble

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