Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Today I got the envelope. And, inside the envelope, this:

I don't think I am able to express how happy I am!

I've always believed in AVA and in voluntary certification, to the point that I was thrilled at the idea of taking it as soon as the three year in the field requirement would apply. Right after AVA's demise, I decided to take the CVA no matter what, because associations can day, but beliefs shall not.

Today, Katie Campbell (who I thank for her tireless volunteering hours devoted to this cause!) also let me know that I am the first CVA awarded to a volunteer manager outside of North America. We need to do something about it... don't we?

I still support AVA's mission statement in full, and I wished for things to have been gone differently. I deeply believe that a brighter future cannot be born out of refusing to acknowledge mistakes and consequently changing our ways. I do not think that people involved in AVA have to be kept out of present efforts. However, I do think that, if no mistake is acknowledged on their side, they better be kept out.

Above all, AVA was designed to be international and multicultural. It was designed to be a beacon of tolerance, respect, fairness and knowledge exchange. It failed partly because - like Susan J Ellis said - those are big challenges.

But, because those are challenges that are unavoidable (impending globalization, outsourcing, bilinguism, multiculturalism) especially in light of the UN millenium development goals (read #8!), we do not need to drop them.

We need to try harder instead!

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Blogger marilyn56 said...

Rosanna, Congratulations on your achievement as the first CVA outside of North AMerica. That is really something to be proud about. I live in Toronto and am on the board of CCVA, the organization that is now taking responsibility for the certification process. I was very excited to hear that you lived in Italy as I am going there with 5 other women in May for two weeks,( one who is a CVA that I mentored almost 6 years ago.) We are in Florence and Tuscany May 12 to 26 and it would be lovely to meet you and to bring personal greetings from the CCVA board. Again, many congratulations. Marilyn MacKenzie

11:51 pm  
Blogger Brad H. said...

Rosanna, Very happy to hear about your wonderful achievement and especially your commitment to the cause. I can almost feel your joy from your post, an achievement in itself.

5:31 am  

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