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on June 1st I've bought a domain and am presently building my site for my Gionnethics.

I guess this will only be a tentative version of it, because the ideas I have all take time *grin* Can any of you suggest one software package over another (please, don't say Yahoo Site Builder!)?

So far, I am working on contents and structure, not to mention some soul-searching about the life purpose/mission statement. For the ones of you who know me either IRL or from other groups, it might help to have a little sketch from you, just to see how I am perceived, what I am able to communicate and such. Last thing I want is to describe myself the way I would like to be and am not!

Given the name I chose, a merge of my nick, gionnetto, and ethics, I want to be honest and upfront, also in order to avoid problems with clients later.

Ah, forgetful that I am. The business will be about online facilitation, especially applied to CoP nurturing and especially thought to suite the nonprofit world and other mission-based businesses. Add here and there some coaching and volunteer management consulting work.


Blogger Nancy White said...

Congratulations! Fantastic! I don't know of any site building packages. Long ago a friend made a template from me and I hand coded my whole site from there. I would not recommend that sort of mess. I know of others who have crafted their entire sites on top of WordPress or TypePad and are very happy.

7:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there :-).

TypePad and WordPress are really all right if you want to stick to one-to-many publishing and some talkback... but if you want some more powerful weaponry, Joomla is a very simple-to-manage alternative with almost endless expansion and experimentation possibilities.

Looking forward to your new venture,


10:41 am  

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