Thursday, March 03, 2005

Nonprofit Corporate Blogging

Though I am not working full force, I still read and browse full force and I have 3 juicy links for you today....

I won't assume you know what a blog is (even though you are actually reading one!), because too often we do things we are not aware of, or we don't know enough about, so here it is the definition.

Up to a couple of months ago, I stayed away from blogging. Mainly because I thought it to be a narcissistic exercise... blurting out all my thoughts as if people really cared about reading them! Fact is, I found out there was somebody that cared to, so I decided to go for it.

Apparently, blogs are very appealing to people. I understand how appealing they are to their authors... it's like standing at a corner of the street screaming "Repent! The End of the World is coming..!". You actually feel important.

What escapes my capability of comprehension still, is why should another person want to hear my screams at the corner of the street? As I said, I still don't know, but I'm working on a better understanding.

I am more attracted to wikis, for what that matters. Probably because, like in Star Trek, my social/egalitarian nature led me to have a special affection toward Borgs:

"According to themselves, the Borg only seek to "improve the quality of life in the universe" and add to their own perfection. To this end, they travel the galaxy, improving their numbers and advancing by "assimilating" other species and technologies, and forcing captured individuals under the control of the Hive mind by injecting them with nanoprobes. They harbor no ill will to anyone; they merely fulfill their biological or programmatic imperative to assimilate. As they say, "You will be assimilated – resistance is futile." They make good on that threat by their ability to quickly adapt to any attack to render it harmless. "

I happened to stumble in a Beginners' Guide to Corporate Blogging, from
Fredrik Wackå, Sweden, explaining:
  1. what a blog is (not just the definition)
  2. what a corporate blog is
  3. reasons for having a corporate blog
  4. types of corporate blogs (from page 8 on, it's very interesting, and stimulates some reflections on how to use blogs in a nonprofit environment and - why not - in volunteer management)
  5. steps to a business blog

Once you decide you want a blog, you can get some nice hints on the how-tos from Mike Rundle. Those are, basically, tips on writing for corporate bloggers.

Finally, e-CIVICUS divulges the news that Citizen Lab offers free weblogs to all people in civil society using their civiblog service.

I started thinking of using blogs for keeping real contact with donors, getting input from citizens and clients, branding, but especially the hyper-used word... ENGAGING....


Blogger ASKSonnie said...

Hi friend, thanks for introducing me to 'blog'. Have been hearing about it but don't have the time to find out what it is, but I got curious when I saw in your CTI post that you have a 'blog', thus, have checked it out.

8:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rosanna,

I clicked on the link to the article on blogging as suggested. You comment that it gets really interesting from page 8 onward, however the link took me to a site that only has 6 pages in it.

Your site looks great though and I enjoyed reading various parts of it. Like sonny, I saw on CTI that you had a blog and I had been wondering what they were so came and checked it out. I am interested in finding a way to use this to stay in touch with volunteers and society membership ... blogging is something I am going to have to learn more about.

8:12 pm  
Blogger Love2E-Learn said...

Hello Rosanna,
Thanks for your insight on blogging and the nonprofit world. Like you I exist in that dichotomy of online facilitation and living in the nonprofit sector. The two don't meet often for more reasons than I have time to explain at the moment but you know I'm sure. However, I appreciate seeing that you seem to be existing there...there's strength in numbers...Thanks.


4:09 am  
Blogger Nancy J. Hess said...

Rosanna, I downloaded Journey of Self Discovery from Grp-Fac today and find it to be an awesome resource. Thanks. Then I came to check out your blog and see you have much here to gleen. You have inspired me to blog - thanks for getting my attention!


3:07 pm  
Blogger Rosanna Tarsiero said...

Sonnie, Jesse, L2E and Nancy:
thank you all for the feedback! This is my first blog and I didn't read the best practices on how to either LOL but I am glad somebody is reading.

11:53 am  

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