Saturday, January 29, 2005

Qualified to Be Intelligent

I was exchanging emails with NW and thinking about a couple of episodes that happened to me some time ago.... To be exact, that have been happening over and over again. GROWL

Two examples.

A woman, some time ago, read some written stuff of mine that I was writing for USPRA 2005 and that in the end got accepted. Anyway, she read it and started complimenting me for how "intelligent" I was and bla bla bla.

And because I am a provokative b*st*rd, I sent her my pic right after. Can you believe it? She replied by a "from all your writings, I wouldn't have thought you were beautiful".

Now, I am an Italian and my blood was boiling!

That also happens in real life (IRL) when I go having a test and I hear stuff like: "Oooh, goooood moooorning.... is there anyyyything you would like to speeeeak of?". In which case I morph into a snake and rebutt: "Anything belonging to the course syllabus is fine with me".

I tried to avoid going to tests and classes all dressed-up, with make-up and such, scaled down on clothes first and then on make-up. But it's something impossible to avoid during formal speeches.

Yet, the stereotype survives, and I am either treated like a stupid (IRL) or supposed to be ugly until otherwise proven because of "how intelligent I sound" (in online communications).

No wonder I enjoyed Legally Blonde so much.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

is that two hamburger buns in the lower right of your background pic?

heh heh

vic @ cti

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